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Sunday, 15 January 2012 04:18

DJ White Shadow: 'We didn't stole a song from Madonna'

Written by  Giampiero Fiorelli
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DJ White Shadow, who produced Lady Gaga's Born This Way album, tweeted:


"I obviously do not hate Madonna, or belittle her talent or achievements, however, if she thinks we stole a song from her she is wrong."


And he also tweeted a rude tweet: "And obviously: someone should take there old lady meds before they are allowed to talk in public. No memories having motherfucker."


Madonna didn't say that Lady Gaga stole her Express Yourself, neither were dishing Gaga. She just said what she thinks on Born This Way vs. Express Yourself, after being asked for the 1,000th time. Madonna also said once again that Lady Gaga is talented and she was impressed by Lady Gaga and she reminded her how she was back in the times.

We at like Lady Gaga, but found very ridiculous the attitude of her fans and the controversy on nothing they are spreading. Maybe it's just because of their average age.

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