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While Madonna was about to arrive in Venice for this year's film festival, several Italian newspapers and magazine claimed that she was interested in one of the Palladian Villas of the Veneto on the surrounding of Vicenza, or a house in Venice. But, talking with WWD, Madonna said that these rumours are "not true. Every time I go somewhere, they say that, but enough houses."


Today new facts have emerged. Reportedly, Madonna would be very interested in an amazing old penthouse at Piazza Erbe in Verona, Italy, the city of Romeo and Juliet. "I confirm that the American popstar is interested in it, but I cannot add anything else," Real Estate Entrepreneur Alessandro Proto told Verona's paper L'Arena, who also sold a house to Leonardo di Caprio and the celebrity couple Pitt-Jolie.


Business negotiations are still under way, according to the Italian entrepreneur. At this point, Madonna would have seen only pictures of the prestigious house, while her entourage is expected to visit it soon.


The grand penthouse is a five-hundred-square-metre duplex apartment with a loft, 6 bedrooms with fireplace, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, a study, and a large hall with a panoramic view. It is furnished with antique furniture and modern design items. It has a back entrance perfect for Madonna's privacy.

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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 09:04

Madonna: 'Berlusconi is unsuited to govern Italy'

While she was in Venice for the world premiere of W.E. at this year's Film Festival, Madonna gave a lot of interviews to international media. One with Swedish SVT television made the headlines for the release dates of her new single and upcoming album.


And now we are sure that the interview Madonna gave to Italian magazine Oggi - out now - will raise a lot of discussion and controversies. In this cover interview, Madonna has also been asked to reply to a question regarding Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

"What do I think about Berlusconi? I wouldn't like to talk about it now. But English weekly magazine The Economist already said everything, isn't it?" And then Madonna laconically added that Berlusconi "is unsuited to govern Italy."


In this interview Madonna also talk about love: "Loving means giving". But, we will be back on this later.


Madonna about Silvio Berlusconi - Oggi - The Economist

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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 22:28

Madonna absolutely loathes hydrangeas!

You probably watch the beginning of the press conference for W.E. in Venice several times. But did you ever notice what Madonna said when a fan gave her a hydrangea? Did you noticed her eyes reaction?


No, she didn't put it away because of the press conference she had to begin.

As you can listen and read on this clip, Madonna confessed: "I absolutely loathes hydrangeas." "He obviously doesn't know that," she added in an undertone.

What a funny episode!


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Click 'Read More' and see 20 photographs sent to by Ultimate Concert Experience, a promotion agency label which supplies pictures for publication on showbizz and entertainment events.


Madonna W.E. Venice Film Festival


Other 19 pics after the jump.


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Italian artist Angelo Cruciani received an invitation to the world premiere of W.E. at Venice Film Festival 2011 due to his artwork with Madonna called Like the Virgin.

"Lots of people dismissed her second directoral fatigue,but I found Madonna very sensitive and bittersweet as a director," says Angelo Cruciani. "It's like Wallis and Wally lives serve to describe great contrasts."


Angelo want to share some of the photographs he took at the event with Madonna's fans. Click 'Read More' and see all the pictures.


Angelo Cruciani - W.E. premiere in Venice


All the pictures after the jump.

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When we covered the Gucci Award for Women in Cinema, we already reported that Madonna ironically talked about her past in Venice for the notorious and iconic Like a Virgin video as part of her speech.

Now, thanks to WWD, we know that Madonna said it was "surreal" to be in Venice again to premiere W.E. and present the Gucci Award for Women in Cinema.

"I was in Venice for the first time at the beginning of my career, singing Like a Virgin on a gondola trying desperately to convince everyone that I was," she recalled, prompting general laughter. "At one point, I forgot to duck [hitting a bridge], and maybe I haven’t recovered yet."


For completeness report, we remind you that Madonna came back in Venice in great secrecy when she was still married with Guy Ritchie. Paparazzi spotted the couple as common tourists.

Previously they went to Rome, where they met and visit the Eternal City with Adriano Giannini, her co-star in Swept Away, directed by Guy Ritchie. Paparazzi spotted them around the historical city, especially in Trastevere, where Giannini owns a flat.

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Monday, 05 September 2011 01:44

Madonna signing some authographs in Venice

It's not very usual for Madonna. But, while she was in Venice to premiere W.E. at the Film Festival 2011, Madonna took a few moments to sign some authographs to her fans.

Everytime Madonna goes to Italy there are thousands of fans supporting her. Madge fans' warmth made the headlines of many Italian newspapers and value her celebrity status, which is absolutely matchless, especially in Italy.

This photograph snapped by substantiates this exciting episode.


Madonna signing autographs in Venice

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Actually there is no media coverage, but Just Jared got the scoop of Madonna congratulating with James Franco last Saturday at Venice's Palazzo del Cinema for his new movie, Sal, which was premiere at Venice Film Festival 2011.

Sal - directed, wrote and starred in by James Franco - is the story of the last days of homosexual actor Sal Mineo.

Homosexuality is a topic Madonna has always been very keen on.

A few years ago James Franco starred in Milk with and directed by Sean Penn, Madonna's ex husband. A movie that, reportedly, she really loved.

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Sunday, 04 September 2011 10:39

Madonna left Venice today

Madonna left Venice today, after presenting the very first Gucci Award for Women in Cinema at Granai delle Zitelle in Venice's Giudecca isle.

Madonna went back in London with her private plane.

Soon we will see her at the Toronto Film Festival for W.E.

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A funny episode happened in Venice when Italian actress and sex-symbol Manuela Arcuri, landing on the Excelsior pier in Venice, ran into Madonna.

According to Italian newspaper Il Corriere de La Sera, like a common fan, Manuela completely went crazy. "Madonna, I love you," she screamed. Security didn't stop Manuela due to her popularity, but, since Madonna didn't know her, kept her at a distance with her hand.

But Manuela didn't care and immediately called her mother, who is also a fan of Madonna.

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