Madonna and Tony Ward are still friends

Madonna and Tony Ward are still friends, according to him. “Yeah, sure,” Tony says.

Tony Ward talked about his relationship with Madonna with the Telegraph’s Sunday Style. They met after Madonna slit with Warren Beatty. He appeared on Madonna‘s music videos for Cherish and Justify My Love and in her SEX book.

It’s like any relationship, it was real. It wasn’t something we wanted to share with the world. I didn’t care about all the stuff around it; it wasn’t about what I could potentially get.

Tony Ward

Tony Ward was discovered in the early 80s by Herb Ritts. “He picked me out of a stack of polaroids and that was it,” says Tony. “I was doing a lot of nude stuff at the beginning.”

But it was when Tony appeared on the very first Calvin Klein men’s undies box, that everything changed for him. “At the time it wasn’t as big a deal,” Tony tells. “You know, it was just a box [but] as time went on they made such a huge deal out of it. My face wasn’t even in the pictures.”