Darren Hayes: “Why the world needs a brilliant Madonna new album”

Former Savage Garden’s singer Darren Hayes explained to Attitute magazine why the world needs a brilliant Madonna new album. DrownedMadonna longtime readers may remember that we interviewed Darren Hayes, being a big fan of Madonna.

Darren Hayes really touched every aspect and pointed out what is the crucial element: Madonna.

The truth is, Madonna is always the most interesting element of a Madonna collaboration.

Darren Hayes

We cannot agree more!

“Help us Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone,” wrote Darren. “You’re our only hope.”

Darren is happy when Madonna is working with a “fresh and exciting up-and-coming talent” because it is “always most rewarding. Her work with William Orbit, a relatively obscure choice at the time, was revolutionary. Similarly her Music album with Mirwais completely reinvented her for the 21st century. By the time Madonna got into the studio with Stuart Price she seemed to be on a winning streak.”.

The problem is, Madonna is consistently brilliant. When she hits her sweet spot, it is the music equivalent of orgasm. Moments like Holiday, Into the Groove and Hung Up are prime examples.

Darren Hayes

Darren wrote that we need from Madonna what she was the best at: “solid dance-pop tunes that you want to make out to, get drunk with or indeed form the soundtrack of a one-night stand to” and also “songs of freedom, of escape and empowerment.”

Darren thinks that everything seems to be right this time, most of all her determination and passion for her new musical project. For MDNA “had been relegated to a mere portion of her time,” but not this time.

All the signs are there: the determination, the focus and the joy of being an artist.

Darren Hayes

Darren is a big fan of American Life – and so are we at DrownedMadonna – because, even though “it is devoid of hit singles, to me it’s a songwriting master class. As an album it’s such a cohesive work of art because clearly it had her 100% undivided attention.”

It is this attention to detail a great Madonna album needs. It simply cannot succeed without it.

Darren Hayes

We also agree with Darren when he says that “projects that have missed the mark for me did so because they were missing a crucial element: Madonna. I don’t care how many superstar producers, songwriters or hot DJ’s she surrounds herself with – the horse I’m always betting on is the woman herself. When Madonna decides to show up in the studio you get unwavering brilliance. Like a Prayer and Ray of Light are prime examples. Here we have a woman who is in love with her craft and the passion is evident. The truth is, Madonna is always the most interesting element of a Madonna collaboration.”

“Her collaboration with Pharrell and even BabyFace to a certain extent have always left me feeling like those producers overshadowed the Madonna quotient,” wrote Darren, and we agree again. “Their sound permeated the records and the result was pedestrian. I know, shocking right? Madonna is never EVER supposed to be normal.”

Darren thinks that Madonna is the most admired popstar because “there’s something different about Madonna.” And he adds: “If you grew up gay during her reign there is something of her rebelliousness invariably in your DNA. As a teen I identified with her refusal to be categorised. Neither butch nor feminine, tough nor soft. Especially in the 80’s she challenged what the definition of “beautiful” was and her resilience and determination were infectious.”

Now people who wants Madonna to start acting her age don’t understand that “her refusal to “age gracefully” is so in keeping with her core values I can’t help but encourage it.”

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