Elly Jackson praises Madonna for her sexuality artistic, but not today’s popstars

The La Roux singer Elly Jackson praises Madonna for her sexuality artistic and how she changed the way sexuality was viewed. But Elly thinks that Madonna‘s original message has been lost and many pop stars today get naked for the attention and not the art.

It is what Elly Jackson confessed to British free newspaper Metro.

She [Madonna] made it artistic and she knew exactly what she was doing. Now I feel it’s often just an excuse to get attention.

Elly Jackson

“I’m sure if I stripped naked and released a video, a million people would watch it as well purely to go,” Elly Jackson adds. “What the HELL, La Roux‘s naked? Not because they thought it was hot, just because it was shocking. It’s a cheap way to get mention, and it’s too easy.”