MAD – A documentary film about Madonna fans

A documentary about Madonna fans is in the works. The MAD documentary is expected to come out on early 2015. Check out the first two teasers and read details…

On august 16th 2013, a website appeared on the net looking for the craziest Madonna fans in the world. Not only the craziest but also the fans whose life has been influenced by the Queen of Pop in her 30 years of career.

And now, almost a year later, the director Matteo Mac with the help of Madeline Herec Poirier, are proceeding with the shooting in the USA, Europe and Middle East.

The documentary will feature the famous Lucky Records store in Paris, the very talented italian doll-makers Magia 2000, the stunning impersonator Chris America, the crazy Fàbio that will meet Madonna, the “vogue boy” and many more.

Althought the “MAD” fans have been selected, you can still be part of it. Check out this short tutorial to see how:

By now you can talk about anecdotes related to Madonna and you, but in the next weeks we will ask you more specific questions and we will ask you to send us videos and/or photos about your passion.

The MAD documentary is an independent production. If you want to help them, you can go to and contribute with a donation. Depending on the amount that you will donate, you will receive one or more exclusive gifts.

Watch two teaser of the MAD documentary.

MAD (for Madonna) Documentary - UNVEILING THE MAD: MAGIA 2000