Madonna Arioso: A brand new demo leaked!

A brand new Madonna demo leaked, but not in full yet. It’s called Arioso and it’s from the Music recording sessions. The title was mispelled as Ariosa.

Madonna Arioso is actually the song from where the notorious Wonderland 47-seconds track – used for a TV series from 1999 – comes. Arioso was written and produced by Madonna and William Orbit.

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In classical music, arioso is a type of solo vocal piece, usually occurring in an opera. Literally, arioso means airy.

Madonna Arioso lyrics
Everyone’s a specialist
On where I’ve been
Or who I’ve kissed
Choices I should make
The lovers I should take
The need […]

Madonna Arioso is clearly an amazing track. Unfortunately, the small clip ends right where it starts to sound even more interesting.

Apparently, Rupert Everett is credited as a co-vocalist, but we cannot hear his voice in this snippet. The humming in Wonderland was later used on Amazing included in the Music album.