Heartbreak City and Two Steps Behind revealed + Lady Gaga mentioned in another new track

The Sun is exclusively reporting of two demos that Madonna recorded for her upcoming album. The tracks are called Two Steps Behind Me and Heartbreak City.

According to The Sun, “Heartbreak City allegedly slams [Guy] Ritchie for ‘getting what [he] came for, a bit of fame and fortune, and I’m no longer needed,'” and  Lady Gaga is “the apparent target” in Two Steps Behind Me, “in which Madge sings: ‘You’re a copycat, where is my royalty?‘”.

While The Sun is rather right with the titles and lyrics, the UK tabloid is wrong when they write that in Two Steps Behindyes, thats’ the right titleMadonna slams Lady Gaga.

What we know is that, in Two Steps Behind, Madonna does NOT mention Lady Gaga or talk about her. It’s absolutely GENERAL.

But we can now reveal that Lady Gaga is instead mentioned in another track that Madonna recorded for her upcoming album. Lady Gaga is mentioned along with other artists like Beyoncé and Jay Z. We can also say that song is about a party with celebrities that have fun and shine.

In Heartbreak City, as well in a few other tracks recorded, Madonna talks about the end of a relationship. It’s not clear if she talks about Guy Ritchie, as The Sun guessed, or maybe Brahim Zaibat.

We can also add that Heartbreak City is a dance track, while the demo of Two Steps Behind is only with a piano. Heartbreak City is a great song with lovely Madonna‘s vocals, while there are plenty of better tracks that Madonna recorded for her upcoming album than Two Steps Behind.

As The Sun hints, they still have to choose the songs to be included on the final tracklist. But we learned that Hearbreak City MAY be included in the final tracklist, because Madonna‘s staff really likes it and they really worked a lot on it.