Madonna and Lola spotted dining in Ann Arbor

Sunday, Madonna and Lola were spotted dining at Café Felix in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As you know, now Lola is a student at the University of Michigan.

Madonna and Lola were with a couple other guests. It was revealed by David Ambrose, the bar manager at the restaurant. He said the staff was aware Madonna was there. “It’s part of the business,” Ambrose said. “We try to be pretty respectful of that.”

Madonna was delightful. She was really low key about it.

David Ambrose

Madonna told the staff that she was very happy with her experience and hinted she would be back. “That was the coolest part was at the end she said ‘I really enjoyed myself,’” Ambrose said.

As she thanked the staff for their help a few people finally noticed her and began wondering if it was really her. “They flipped,” Ambrose said about the patrons once they realized it was actually Madonna.