The truth about Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor

Stuart Price spoke to THUMP about the experience of making Confessions on a Dance Floor with Madonna. You love Stuart and Confessions, don’t you? So, read what he said…

Even thought Stuart Price worked with Madonna on tours and on her X-Static Process track, “she completely surprised me” because she was not the diva you can assume.

It’s surprising that Madonna has such a simple work mode. I would have expected her to come in with her full entourage and play the diva, at least to some extent. When it comes to being creative, she’s unexpectedly low-key. She’s great to work with, and I really mean that.

Stuart Price

“The real eye-opener was about how focused she was on avoiding the kind of over-the-top, excessive, entourage-in-the-studio environment that I had expected,” said Stuart Price.  “She helped to create an environment where we were like two kids working together in a studio. She was really… I don’t want to say “smart,” but she was really honest about music. She’s really instinctive in understanding that dance music comes from a very minimal way of working. It doesn’t come from throwing lots of money on a lavish production.”

They spent five or six weeks in Stuart‘s apartment in London, where he had his own recording studio.

“I would work on a track overnight, then she would come in and we’d start messing around,” said Stuart. “She would do vocal melodies and I would come up with a few ideas, and then she’d go, “Okay, I’m gonna go home and think about it.” Then she’d come back the next day and have the hook for Hung Up or the chorus for Sorry. Then I would carry on working on more tracks to keep us going. It was more of a really fluid and almost childlike environment than anything that seemed too serious.”