Exclusive details on Madonna Heartbreak City

We are excited to reveal some details on Madonna‘s Heartbreak City, a stunning new track that will blow you away!

Heartbreak City has changed during the creative process. It started as a piano ballad, it then had a more dance imprint, and now it is a different kind of ballad. It is very industrial and it sounds like it came from a dark, comic book movie. It is a new Madonna, even if it is very Madonna. You can barely realise that it was co-produced with Avicii.

As also The Sun reported, in Heartbreak City, Madonna talks about the end of a relationship, but it is not clear if it is about Brahim Zaibat or Guy Ritchie. “You tore me into pieces, you didn’t have no damn reason,” sings Madonna.

You had a few secrets / I was never told / Now everyone’s talking / And I’m the last to know.

Madonna‘s voice is angry and very strong! Definitely, you are going to love it, especially when she sings “I’m in the middle of Heartbreak City.” And most of all, there is no vocal effects!

But you will be impressed also by the choir, that is someway used also as an instrument. We can describe it as quite operatic.

In Heartbreak City, it’s the first time Madonna sings about regret.

I curse the day we met / Your memory is haunting me / I wish I could forget.

Heartbreak City deserves to be included in her upcoming album. We also think that it should be a single. Click here to read what we previously wrote about Heartbreak City.

Keep in mind that the song can change again and there is not a tracklist yet.

Credits: sketch drawn by Rob Jacobs (aka Robster) for DrownedMadonna.com.