Exclusive details on Madonna Wash All Over Me

Today we want to tell you about a track we absolutely love: Wash All Over Me. It is the very first song we revealed from Madonna‘s upcoming album sessions.

Wash All Over Me is fabulous and very emotional. Nothing makes you think it is co-produced with Avicii, except for the very end. Actually, Wash All Over Me sounds more like a song produced by Stuart Price, a la Confessions on a Dance Floor. Once again, in Wash All Over Me Avicii adapted to Madonna, not the other way around.

Violin strings open Wash All Over Me and are used through out it. “In a world that’s changing I’m a stranger, in a strange land,” sings Madonna. “Life is like a desert, and oasis to confuse me,” she goes on.

Madonna‘s voice is gorgeous and in the chorus is absolutely charming. You will be captivated by the chorus! You never want it to come to an end…

Who am I to decide what should be done? / If this is the end then let it come / Let it come, let it rain / Rain all over me

Wash All Over Me is full of meanings, including Kabbalistic concepts. “From the Tower of Babylon where nothing is what it seems,” sings Madonna.

There is not a final tracklist yet, but Wash All Over Me is very likely included in Madonna‘s upcoming album… and we think that it has to be a single. Just remove that very Avicii-esque ending – which is its only weakness – and it is PERFECTION!

Curiosity: Wash All Over Me is one of the tracks that evolved from ballad to mid-tempo or dance.

Credits: sketch drawn by Rob Jacobs (aka Robster) for DrownedMadonna.com.