Madonna may perform with Diplo at Madison Square Garden

Madonna may perform with Diplo at Madison Square Garden in New York City to celebrate the New Year. It is what Diplo told in a interview to Time Out, that was done a week before November 10.

“She [Madonna] may come out and sing,” says Diplo.

The interview is quite old now, even though it was published only these days.

Would you be excited if Madonna is going to perform?

Diplo also talked about his work with Madonna for her Rebel Heart album.

It’s been a lot of work. I’ve worked harder on these songs than I’ve worked on our songs, and that’s a lot of fucking work.


“I’ve never seen him more like, Fuck, I have to go back,” adds Skrillex.

She’s the queen of making music.


“I remember having songs like ‘Cherish’ and ‘Vogue’ on cassette tapes,” says Diplo. “I’ve loved her production, and I’ve always loved how she’s a forward-thinking motherfucking beast. She was the first person to really bring in different sounds and co-opt things for her own sound, and I’ve always loved her for that.”

Diplo also revealed that Madonna‘s record company loved two of his tracks as singles. Back in November he actually didn’t “know which one will come out first.” But now we all know that Living for Love was selected as first single. We wonder which is the other track that Diplo was talking about and will come out later as a single.

“I go back next week on my birthday [November 10] to mix more,” said Diplo. “She’s actually kind of hard-core. You can’t get away. I’ll be glad when we’re all wrapped up.”