Madonna could actually teach Mariah Carey how to sing.

According to The InquisitrMadonna could actually teach Mariah Carey how to sing. Let’s see what do they mean:

Madonna has never been given credit as a true vocalist, but the isolated track from her Grammy performance last Sunday shows Madonna vocally blowing away the competition (except Annie Lennox, of course). It’s quite interesting that Madonna chose to sing along with pre-recorded vocals at the 2015 Grammy Awards. As you can hear from the video of her isolated live vocals, Madonna probably needs to have more confidence in her vocal talents.

Madonna’s vocals are either a hit or miss during live televised performances. However, when she does it right, Madonna completely makes a joke out of those who say she can’t sing.

Madonna is one of the very few artists whose voice improves with age. The same can’t be said about Mariah Carey, who has always been thought of as a much better vocalist than Madonna. When Mariah Carey’s isolated vocals were released for a recent Christmas special, she was brutalized in the media. Us Magazine described what an embarrassment Mariah Carey has become:

“For Christmas, Mariah Carey should get some vocal rest. The Elusive Chanteuse performed her beloved holiday classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ at the Wednesday, Dec. 3 Tree Lighting Ceremony in NYC’s Rockefeller Center, and The Concourse’s newly released isolated vocal track shows just how much the pop diva struggled to hit her famed high notes.”

Mariah Carey fans have always insisted that Mariah is the Queen of Pop and can outsing Madonna in a heartbeat. However, Mariah may want to take vocal lessons from Madonna for her next live performance. Perhaps Mariah can watch Madonna perform at the Brit Awards, Let’s hope that this time, Madonna decides to leave the pre-recorded vocal track and high heels, which made her dance stiffer than usual, at home. It is believed that Madonna will again sing “Living for Love” at the Brit Awards, along with another new song. Let’s hope Madonna shows, once again, why she is the Queen of Pop.