Madonna’s next singles from Rebel Heart & video director

After revealing Living for Love as the first single from Madonna’s Rebel Heart, we are now happy to tell you what we learnt about the next singles.

We at heard that Madonna would like Ghosttown and Devil Pray to be released as singles. And we are excited!

We also learnt that tentatively the video for Ghosttown will be filmed by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund.

Keep in mind that at this stage nothing is definitive yet!

Jonas Åkerlund previously worked with Madonna for her Ray of Light, Music, American Life, Jump and Celebration videos. And besides, he directed her Confessions Tour DVD and I’m Going to Tell You a Secret documentary.

His wife B. Åkerlund also worked with Madonna several times as stylist. Lately she was the one in charge for her Living for Love performance at the Grammy Awards.