Nile Rodgers: “Madonna is the most magical person I’ve ever come into contact with.”

Legendary musician Nile Rodgers has worked with every artist under the sun – from Diana Ross on I’m Coming Out, to Pharrell and Daft Punk on Get Lucky even through to Madonna on her Like a Virgin album. So, what’s it like working with a megastar like Madge?

In Gay Times new issue, Nile reveals that he nearly walked out on sessions with Madonna after she apparently told one of her assistants he couldn’t use the loo.

He told GT: “I thought that was a little too heavy handed on her part, so I said, ‘I can’t work with you if you’re gonna act like that,’ and I headed out to the elevator…

She opened the door and said ‘Nile does this mean you don’t love me anymore?’

It was so funny and cute.” I don’t think we’d argue with Madonna, Nile’s a brave man.

Despite the brief clash, Nile also had some very kind words to say about the Queen of Pop

She may be the most magical person I’ve ever come into contact with. We were as close as two people could be without being lovers.

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Photo credits: Lynn Goldsmith.