What does it really mean “Bitch I’m Madonna”? Here it is explained…

Did you really understand what “Bitch I’m Madonna” means? What does it mean to be Madonna?

Nosey explains it very well.

Actually it means that we are all Madonna. And being Madonna means you can be whatever you want! We are who we are because of Madonna.

We must never forget: Madonna made it possible for all the “bitches” in pop to be able to say “Bitch I’m Miley,” “Bitch I’m Beyoncé,” “Bitch I’m Nicki,” “Bitch I’m Katy,” Madonna did that. Madonna gave women in pop sexuality, but more than that, she pioneered the way for women in pop.

So when we ask, “What does it mean to be Madonna?” the answer is simple: It means whatever Madonna says it means.

Proclaiming “I’m Madonna” seems incredibly specific, except that it’s not. Coming out of the mouth of Madonna it means one thing. It means: Yeah I’m going to dress like it’s 1982 and I’m going to dance badly and you’re going to think I’m far too old for this shit, but who are you anyway? Because I’m Madonna; I’ll do as I please. She’s putting this latter half of her career’s age-shamers in their place. And coming out of Miley, Katy and everyone else’s mouths it goes further than that. It says: We are who we are because of Madonna. And also that we are individuals, so when we sing it in the club, or into the mirror as we dance about our bedrooms, we’re saying “Bitch I’m Kat” or Amy, or Heather, or Leah. We are who we are, and by virtue of being that person we have an implicit mandate to present ourselves how we want without judgment. It’s an anthem for individualism and acceptance—more than even Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Rather, it’s “I am this way.”

“Bitch I’m Madonna” helps to perpetuate the notion that we are all Madonna.

Nosey also writes that Madonna’s cameo-heavy, montage-y video is better than Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. It’s more fun, more self aware, and weirdly, less try-hard.

And the song itself is oddly catchy. Even pleasantly catchy.