Mary Lambert hasn’t washed her face after Madonna wiped the tears off.

Mary Lambert is the Seattle based singer-songwriter who writes fearlessly about her personal demons, the struggle for gay rights, and the crucial power of empathy. Attitude went to find out how the voice behind Same Love developed into a voice for an empowered generation.

Same Love was a slow burner, but gradually built to become the biggest song, and the biggest talking point in the world; culminating in a 2014 Grammy Award performance which saw Queen Latifah officiate the marriages of 33 couples on stage, before Madonna joined for a rendition of Open Your Heart. Standing with her arm around Lambert, singing the Same Love lyrics with her must have been the greatest moment of her career?

Yeah it’s up there! We had intense rehearsals, like four 3 hour rehearsals, so we spent a lot of time together, it was amazing. I mean, she’s Madonna! It was really exciting because we were trying to figure out how to best make the two songs mash and she would be like ‘How do you do this part’ and I’d be stammering like, ‘I sing it like this, but you don’t have to, you can do whatever you want!’ I was really nervous. But she was really sweet.

Watching the clip back on YouTube, it’s hard not to get teary eyed, and Lambert herself lets it all out towards the end.

I cry all the time and we were at the very last rehearsal and I cried for collectively like six hours during one of the rehearsals, but Madonna came over and wiped the tears off of my face, and I was like ‘I’m dead!’ I haven’t washed my face since!

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