“Confessions On A Dance Floor” & “Madonna” among the Greatest Dance Albums of All Time!

Queen of Pop, but also Queen of Dance!

In putting together this list of the Greatest Dance Albums of All Time, VICE‘s THUMP2 looked exclusively at artist albums—those complete statements of musical intention and dancefloor ambition. Singles rule but albums like these are iconic in their own right, holding down the foundation of dance music’s storied past and bright future.

There are no compilations, best-ofs, soundtracks, or mixes included; they have their place, but elsewhere. Instead, THUMP2 gathered the 99 LPs that have left a mark on dancefloors and are guaranteed to make you work up a sweat while doing your thing, be that in your bedroom, under a mirrorball, or bathed in starlight.

Madonna made the list with two of her albums: Confessions On A Dance Floor at #3 and Madonna at #26.

3. Madonna: Confessions on a Dance Floor [Maverick] 2005
Long after many started saying “I only like her old stuff,” the Queen of Pop dropped this start-to-finish perfect album of disco-inspired club cuts, each track mixed—a rarity for non-compilations. While a pop star’s club throne is never guaranteed forever, Madonna has more claims to the top spot than most and Confessions proves why. This is the album all her subsequent albums is compared to; for its enduring relevance and how it redefined Madonna as an artist, it should be.

26. Madonna: Madonna [Sire] 1983
All the groundbreaking, world-changing, genre-defining, imitator-inspiring aside, Madonna’s first album is just really fucking fun to dance to. From “Lucky Star” all the way through to “Everybody,” the stream of bright, sexy, and unfussy pop doesn’t falter once. Madonna provided the New York City dance scene a much needed post-disco palate cleanser and drew the blueprint for future dance pop.

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