5 Stars That Wouldn’t Exist Without Madonna

Source: InStyle.

Even though just by refusing to give up and wear sweatpants, she seems to incite a level of anger last seen when a women put a cat in a bin. ‘Look at her in that corset – at HER age!’ ‘ Why doesn’t she put it away and grow old gracefully!’ ‘ She looks so OLD”.

Complaining that Madonna is still continuing to flaunt her sexuality is a bit like expressing surprise when a Ferrari driver takes things over the 30 mph speed limit. What were you expecting? That she’d turn 50 and start wearing Kate Middleton nude court shoes and getting MP’s wife caramel highlights? Or maybe you thought she’d just turn into a crazy old bag lady, regularly seen out in wonky eyebrow pencil and slippers telling people outside Poundland that she had once dated Vanilla Ice.

Bitch – she’s Madonna. She was never going to disappear just because she had a few birthdays.  So you carry on right as you were love. We’ll deal with these haters (who we note are all wearing really bad clothes).

And in the meantime, we wish Madonna happy birthday by revealing the 5 pop stars who basically would never have even existed without the original and best

1. Lady Gaga
Way way back in time, long before any old meat dress, Madonna was wearing torpedos for bras and turning BDSM into a fashion statement.

2. Miley Cyrus
Twerking shmerking – Madonna regularly had countries threatening to ban her show due to her graphic content (for that read a lot of writhing around on a bed).

3. Taylor Swift
She may have become the queen of break up songs – but long before Taylor and her ‘trouble, trouble, trouble’   Madonna came up with the most awesome moving on song ever  – Express Yourself.

4. The Spice Girls  
The Spice Girls cute idea of anarchy was flirting with Prince Charles– but Madonna managed to upset the Pope. That’s hardcore.

5. Rihanna  
So Rhianna’s changed her hair again? Must be a Tuesday. But way before RiRi, Madonna was the first icon regularly doing a 360 image overhaul overnight.

Probably this list misses some important pop artists, like Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Kylie Mnogue, Beyoncé and Katy Perry, among the others. A Top 10 would have done this subject a service.

What do you think about?