News about Madonna’s next single: Devil Pray…

We at have learned a very bad news about the next single off Madonna‘s Rebel Heart: Devil Pray WON’T be a single!

Devil Pray was been taken into consideration by Madonna herself as the second single, than they chose Ghosttown because Madonna was not convinced by the video plot for Devil, and also because Ghosttown became one of fans favourite songs. Then after Bitch I’m Madonna, Devil Pray was been taken into account to become the 4th single, but at a later stage the staff took the decision to NOT publish it.

Since Devil Pray is definitely out of the game, Dirty Pop was authorised to publish some remixes on his Soundcloud account.

At the moment there’s no plan for a 4th single, and we are extremely sad because we think that Rebel Heart is a great album with several pop gems that could help the album to rise the charts again…

We hope the Rebel Heart era won’t end with just 3 singles, but the percentage that this won’t happen is very low.

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