Adele talks Madonna: “Ray Of Light is her best album.”

Adele, interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, talks her private life, her triumphant return with the new record 25, and Madonna‘s influence. Check it out:

The direct sonic influence is hard to find, but one of the chief inspirations for 25 was Madonna‘s Ray of Light.

You know what I found so amazing about that record? That’s the record Madonna wrote after having her first child, and for me, it’s her best. I was so all over the place after having a child, just because my chemicals were just hitting the fucking roof and shit like that.

Adele says.

She felt detached from her artistic self.

I was just drifting away, and I couldn’t find that many examples for myself where I was like, ‘Fuck, they truly came back to themselves,’ until someone was like, ‘Well, obviously, Ray of Light.’

Adele listened to it over and over, and was particularly captivated by Frozen.

I took that song as ‘I’ve gotten my confidence to come and do me again.

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Photograph by Theo Wenner