Tears of a Clown: All the songs (and details) rehearsed by Madonna

One of our readers and friends – who wants to be anonymous – told us details of all the songs that Madonna rehearsed today at Melbourne Forum Theatre till 2am.

Madonna rehearsed three times. She sounded amazing.

Here is the list of the songs that Madonna rehearsed (NOT in the exact order):

  1. I’m So Stupid
  2. Nobody’s Perfect
  3. Don’t Tell Me
  4. Borderline
  5. Love Spent
  6. Joan of Arc
  7. Take a Bow
  8. Holiday
  9. Intervention

She started with a mostly acoustic version of I’m So Stupid.

Nobody’s Perfect sounds like the original version, but apparently without vocoder (but our source is not 100% sure about it).

Borderline is not a rock version, but acoustic.

Love Spent is acoustic as well.

Take a Bow is like she did it during the Rebel Heart Tour.

Holiday is similar to the Rebel Heart Tour version, but slower and acoustic.

The lucky fans who will attend Tears of a Clown will get their tickets tomorrow at 10am. Nobody knows if it is general admission or allocated seating. There are people sleeping out to get inside first.