New Madonna unreleased song from the 80s: Work Your Fingers to the Bone

To celebrate Madonna’s 58th birthday, John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez announced that he “just found” his final mix of an unreleased Madonna’s track called Work Your Fingers to the Bone.

We are really so excited! And, according to Jellybean, “it sounds amazing”…

There were rumours about an unreleased Madonna track being called Working My Fingers To The Bone and recorded with Stephen Bray in late 1985 for what eventually became True Blue. Probably the rumour was inaccurate and the song dates back to the first album sessions.

“Happy Birthday Madonna
Look at what I just found … My final mix of my production of
“Work Your Fingers To The Bone” …
An Unreleased #Madonna song
It sounds amazing…
Along with other incredible vocal performances of unreleased songs by Stephanie Mills Ashford & Simpson Jane Wiedlin & Desmond Child that I produced for a musical #StreetSmarts that never got made”