“Like A Virgin” among Billboard Best Diamond-Certified Albums

To celebrate the exclusive Diamond-Certified Albums club that Adele joins with her latest sales achievement, Billboard has ranked every one of the RIAA-certified diamond albums.

Madonna makes the list at #9 with Like A Virgin. That’s not counting compilations — including greatest-hits collections, live albums, and certain soundtracks — unless the set is comprised mainly of contemporary material, that’s why The Immaculate Collection is not part of this ranking.

9. Madonna, Like a Virgin (1984, 10x Platinum)

Madonna’s musical and conceptual ambitions would grow from here, but the pure thrills of Like a Virgin are not to be overshadowed: “Angel” and “Dress You Up” are perfectly synth-popped chewing gum, “Material Girl” does Marilyn and Motown proud, and the title track is rivaled only by “Billie Jean” as the defining jam of MTV’s formative years. A year later she’d give away a couple brilliant singles away to soundtracks, seemingly just because she could.

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