Madonna confirms that the Rebel Heart Tour DVD…

One month ago we published an exclusive news about the Rebel Heart Tour DVD premiere. Now Madonna has finally confirmed part of what we learnt.

Replying to a fan on Instagram, Madonna said that the Rebel Heart Tour film is not like True or Dare nor I’m Going to Tell You a Secret, but it is “the whole show with bookends.”


Click here to read what we exclusively reported a month ago: –

  • Petar Kresojevic

    Hope the next tour will be followed by a tour rockumentary 🙂

  • Réjean Roy

    Sorry I’m french so what does she mean with bookends? so the special Clown probably won’t make it 🙁

  • craigypants

    Where is this bluray dvd. The longer time passes the less likely we will see it. It screened shortly after the tour and is just sitting there doing nothing. Bootlegs are ramped. She could have done something special with this release, but there are no dates anywhere?

    • Tyler

      Madonna posted recently that the Rebel Heart Tour DVD is looking like it will be released for her birthday in August 2017.

  • craigypants

    Where is the date? Give us something. Its screened, sitting on a shelf. Another wasted opportunity from marketing/management.

  • craigypants

    i heard from universal australia. the release has been cancelled.

  • Tyler

    Madonna hinted around that the Rebel Heart Tour DVD will be released around her birthday in August 2017.

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