Rebel Heart Tour: New Exclusive Behind the Scenes video

Watch these exclusive behind the scenes footage of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour shared by Billboard magazine and Showtime.

You can watch the auditions of Madonna‘s backup dancers and the rehearsals of the tour.

[bctt tweet=””I know I can be difficult and demanding and push you,” @Madonna said to her dancers #RebelHeartTour” username=”drownedmadonna”]

Note that you can hear Easy Ride performed live at her Tears of a Clown show in Australia. We love that song so much!

“She wants the best and wants people who work hard. If you get too comfortable or too lazy, you don’t get the spot,” one dancer says.

Do not forget that the Rebel Heart Tour will premiere on Dec.9 on Showtime. That same day, Madonna will be honored as Woman of the Year at Billboard’s annual Women In Music event, which airs on Dec. 12 on Lifetime.

Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour | Behind the Scenes | SHOWTIME