Detailed info on the broadcast of Madonna Rebel Heart Tour

Rumours about the broadcast of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour film are getting viral online.

Michael Cooper, a part time journalist, had the chance to watch the concert film to review it. Michael shared online a few interesting details, that we decided to publish after receiving the confirmation that are true.

The editing of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour is very similar to her last 3 tour DVDs. Once again we will see “matte finish and a lot of quick edits/slowed down effects that she [Madonna] loves doing and overlaying the background screens over what’s going on on stage.”

The vocals are retouched a bit, but “nothing too crazy” like the Sticky and Sweet Tour.

There is no behind the scenes footage, except the very beginning – that clip was already released – and during the credits, when “the behind the scenes stuff is overlaid over Madonna’s ‘If I Had A Hammer’ cover”.

Unfortunately, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore was cut out of Heartbreak City. As well as Lucky Star was cut out of the Dress You Up medley, while Into The Groove wasn’t.

Also, there were no songs in between the Dress You Up gipsy medley and Rebel Heart. No Take a Bow or Like a Prayer, to make it clear. Instead, after the medley, “she segways from a speech about Detroit to a behind the scenes shot of her talking about Detroit with her dancers in their prayer circle, and then a little footage of when she went to the boxing club there.”

The good news is that all interludes are there completely. As well as many of Madonna’s spoken interludes, such as the bouquet bit after Material Girl, the dancer’s abs stuff after Body Shop and the cigarette/Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend bit after La Vie En Rose. “One kind of weird cut was she had the maraca thing with the dancers having to catch them but not the spoken part about them having to get spanked if they don’t.”

A cool detail is that they put cameras on the dancers during “Illuminati”.

For some songs, you can absolutely tell that they spliced different performances together, because she’s wearing different outfits in them. Most notably in Like A Virgin and Rebel Heart.

Unapologetic B*tch is a compilation of many of them, mostly the celebrity ones (i.e. Ariana Grande, Amy Schumer, Katy Perry, Anderson Cooper, etc). There are a few fans, but not a lot and mostly drag queen ones. The song is extended at the end to quickly show everyone’s reactions to the bananas.

All in all, Michael thinks that it was pretty solid, “especially if the DVD hopefully includes the stuff that was missing,” he adds.  But he found that the editing was a bit annoying/a bit much, but “not quite as bad as MDNA or Sticky and Sweet, although pretty similar.”

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