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More Exclusive news on Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour broadcast

EXCLUSIVE – We at would like to share some more details on the Rebel Heart Tour special that will air tomorrow on Showtime.

First of all, we want to say that we are quite sure that you will love it! Forget about the mess of the MDNA Tour…

The vocals sound amazing, especially in La Vie En Rose, HeartBreak City, Devil Pray and True Blue. The audio is clean. But sometimes the crowd noise is really too much and sounds fake. Like the close-up to the audience – often token around the world – are really too much. But, nothing really disturbing at the end. In True Blue you can spot also a gay couple kissing.

Some songs were shortened in the very end, such as Devil Pray and Messiah. While La Isla Bonita was shortened in its intro. Unlike those, Like a Virgin was extended in the “Heartbeat” break, to showcase more of Madonna’s movements. Also Unapologetic B*tch was extended at the end to show the banana moments with several celebrities and fans. Throughout the song you will recognise celebrities like Jean Paul Gualtier, Jon Kartajarena, Rita Ora, Amy Schumer, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Derrick Barry, Maxi Shield and more. You can also see Madonna stripping by mistake a 17 year old fan in Brisbane, causing a lot of controversy.

Iconic stops before the second verse for 5 seconds before starting again. Fans screaming can be heard while Madonna is standing.

As we already reported, unfortunately Love Don’t Live Anymore was cut from the broadcast, and honestly is such a big pity! But its strings and viola can be heard for 20 seconds, so hopefully that suggests that the DVD/Blu-Ray release might contain the full performance.

You will notice some costume changes in Like a Virgin, La Isla Bonita and Rebel Heart. Also, in Holiday, you will see Madonna wearing flags of a lot of countries.

The colours are very bright and vivid throughout the whole film, nicely edited. Unfortunately, Music is in Black and White for most of the song, except the final chorus before Candy Shop.

Many songs use background screens overlay, mostly on Burning Up,  Deeper and Deeper (unecessary for the Japanese dancers choreography), B*tch I’m Madonna, Devil Pray, S.E.X., Music and Holiday.

During Burning Up you will notice that Monte Pittman had a GoPro camera placed on his guitar. Burning Up is edited in a way that it looks very dynamic, with various special fxs and fire sparkling background.

During the outro credits, the screen is divided in two parts. On the left side, it shows parts of the backstage (in a very Instagram vibe). While on the right black side you can read the credits. You can hear Madonna singing “If I Had A Hammer”, as well as her talking over it.