M.I.A.’s new song: “I’m not Madonna”

M.I.A. revealed the lyrics of her new song POWA, where she bashes Madonna, Obama, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Ariana Grande.

We think that M.I.A. is a cool artist, but… no comment! Let’s just say that of course we know that you are not Madonna.

Here is an excerpt of the lyrics of her new track POWA.

“I’m not Rihanna, I’m not Madonna, I’m not Mariah or Ariana/I’m been around in this world causing drama/The real spice girl, hot girl power.”

In the first verse verse M.I.A. also sings “I’m Obama.”


    Big deal. I think it’s more for the rhyme than anything else.
    And even if MIA doesn’t like Madonna, does it make us love the queen less? Nope! So…
    Besides, Madonna was not a good support to MIA after the “fingergate” at the SB!!!
    As for me, I will still listen both.

  • Mike

    Bitch, you’re not Madonna. 😉

  • Lazy Caca


  • Robert Pavao

    I agree with FNERIC – the M.I.A. lyric is not really a diss, it’s a fact. I find that the lyric also reinforces the strength in girl power and that she is saying these women are not the same and represent diversity in pop music. PS – I love Madonna and have been a fan since ‘Everybody’ but I do feel that Madonna didn’t offer M.I.A. much public support after the Super Bowl finger incident (which really shouldn’t have been a big deal). Madonna is no stranger to controversy and should have publicly supported M.I.A. buy making a public statement. Also, Madonna was always showcasing new producers, artists and creating artistic trends. For me, M.I.A. is an artist that is doing the same thing today buy creating fantastic art that is different from the world of ‘fast food’ pop music. Madonna is QUEEN/ICON and a staple of pop music from the past and M.I.A. represents the future and that’s okay because they can both exist in a world the embraces different approaches in art.

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