The DVD of Rebel Heart Tour to be released on Madonna Birthday

The DVD/Blu-Ray of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour will be released on her birthday, August 16, 2017.

It was Madonna to announce it. And she made it in a unconventional way.

She post an image of one of the two cute twins she lately adopted with the caption: “Chill out people!!! My mum is thinking about releasing her Rebel Heart DVD for her birthday. Can you wait that long?”

  • Carlos Guerrero Jaén

    At least we have a release date now.

  • La Serpenta Canta

    How traumatizing it must be for those children to have nothing one day and everything the next.

  • craigypants

    Pushed back till august? That makes no sense. Everyone will have forgotten about it, except us fans. First i heard from universal australia it was cancelled an now its august? Get that blu ray out, eveŕy day that passes a dollar is lost. No we cant wait that long, unless the extras are worth it. (Take a bow, whos that girl, etc.)

  • Mark L Ulrich

    I adore Madonna, and of course I’ll wait… don’t have a choice. However, I know I saw it at 3rd date, D.C. Sept. 2015, but that’s a long wait to release a Blu-ray of the Tour. It was such a fantastic tour. Yes craigypants, I WANT “Take a Bow” on that Blu-ray and other goodies. When she was at start of tour she wasn’t doing TAB and she did lot’s of other greats that after all this time it would be a nice gesture to add as “extras”, I don’t care the price. Just bring it on M!! Love you baby girl💪🏼❤️ (Rebel Heart, get it?lol)

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