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Top Secret: Madonna is in talks with Netflix for a special Documentary

EXCLUSIVE – We at learn the reason why Madonna had a Top Secret meeting with Netflix, as we revealed in June.

We have been told by a little bird that Madonna is in talks with Netflix Originalfor a special documentary.

Netflix is going to start doing some special original documentaries on the entire career of music artists. It will be something about the artist journey of creation process, and not just a ‘behind the music’. A sort of documentary about the ‘inside’ of the artist and their sentiments on their craft.

Madonna is not confirmed yet, and totally top secret.

Lady Gaga will be the first and it’s a the moment the only confirmed artist. The show for Lady Gaga is scheduled to be released next month.

If everything goes well, Madonna will be the second episode.

  • rabellera


  • Jemoen

    You can’t be so dumb GIAMPIERO

  • La Serpenta Canta

    Madonna second?? Fuck that!

    • FNERIC

      Exactly what I wanted to write. Who really cares about LG now except her brainless fans anyway???
      But, by the trailer, Madonna will be mentioned cause that stupid monster says: “The only thing that really bothers me about her is that…”
      She knows that saying that it’s gonna appeal people curiosity.
      And how to make people talk about you (again)? By talking about Madonna in mean ways…
      Poor Lady Who!


    Here’s Lady Gaga’s new song but don’t misunderstand, she talks about Jesus’ Mother not about the Queen:


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