Madonna and Patti Smith, still close friends?

Are Madonna and Patti Smith still close friends?

The two met at The Berlinale when Mdonna presented her first movie “Filthband Wisdom”. Madonna instantly felt they were “kindred spirits.”

In December 2011, Madonna invited Patti Smith to the Cinema Society screening of W.E at the Museum of Modern Art.




When Madonna got up to give her speech about W.E. at a screening in December, she got positively verklempt upon noting Smith’s presence in the audience. She said it was “humbling” to be in front of Smith, an artist she’d “looked up to,” for many years, a “revolutionary in her work, “a renaissance woman.”

Later, when the movie ended, it was Smith who practically led the standing ovation.

“I loved the film,” Smith says. “I was completely engaged from the first minute. It’s beautifully shot and beautifully cast. I enjoyed the story. The performances are all excellent but Andrea Riseborough’s performance is brilliant.”

The following month, when it made its official debut at The Ziegfeld, Patti Smith was back to see it a second time. “I was invited to see it again and I saw it again. I like to see movies multiple times. I thought Madonna did an excellent job. To me it stands on its own. I don’t look it as a Madonna movie. It’s W.E. and I liked it very much.”

Smith, it turns out, had been a secret admirer of Madonna’s music, their divergent musical styles being no impediment to mutual respect. “I never compared myself to her,” Smith says, “I just loved her songs and enjoyed dancing to them.” (She is particularly enthralled, for the record, by “Into The Groove.”)

Madonna, it turned out, had been a secret admirer of Smith’s for many years, and had devoured Smith’s best-selling memoir, “Just Kids,” which in 2010 won the National Book Award. (She is particularly enthralled by “Because The Night.”)

We haven’t heard anything about them together for a few years, but lately Madonna posted  picture of Patti Smith on her Instagram Stories.

We’d love to see them together. Two great women, artists and rebels.

BELOW Patti Smith arriving at the premiere of W.E.