Madonna song writing camps

Madonna is frustrated with Song Writing Camps!

Madonna revealed her frustration about being sent to song writing camps, and not being “allowed to be a visionary.”

Madonna posted an upset remark on Instagram responding to a post by Guy Oseary, who was celebrating her brilliant Ray of Light album, which just turned 20.

“Remember when I made records with other artists from beginning to end, and I was able to be visionary,” Madonna wrote. “And not have to go to song writing camps, where no one can sit still for more than 15 minutes.”

We absolutely agree with Madonna. And we are very glad to see that she is conscious of that.


Can you help me now, please?!?


Madonna furthermore added the words “coming soon,” which sound promising, as the intention to change the way she was forced to work lately. And, hopefully, go back to work they way she used to do, in a more creative and unconventional way.


But what song writing camps are?

The business of making making music has changed. Nowadays, record labels want the process to be a lot faster.

A recent study by Music Week magazine shows it now takes an average of 4.53 writers to create a hit single, while 10 years ago the average number of writers on a hit single was 3.52.

Are the song writing camps a risk for loosing identity?

For the Scottish band Chvrches, it is indeed. “People don’t make album anymore,” Chvrches synth player Iain Cook told BBC News already 3 years ago. “They make 11, 12 songs, and they put them out as an album, but they feel like a greatest hits, or a playlist. Maybe out of those 10 or 11 songs, those co-writes that you do, there is a global number one. But it is not yours.”

We completely agree with Chvrches and we also think that song writing camps destroy the creativity.

What do you think?

Madonna song writing camps