Leave Madonna to her own devices this time around, and write something she is proud of

Whoever it is that is making Madonna (against her will, seemingly) sit through these “songwriting camps” should listen up.

The world is not interested in Madonna’s take on ‘Havana’ or Madonna’s take on ‘Shape Of You’ or Madonna’s take on ‘Despacito’.

Young people don’t want it, casual listeners don’t want it, and Madonna’s fans certainly don’t want it.

This is excerpt from a Huffington Post article that we completely agree with. Following some other excerpts that we want to bring to your attention.

Safe in the knowledge that no amount of Julia Michaels, Ed Sheeran or even Sia co-writes are going to give Madonna a hit in the streaming era, you should take a look at her pretty spotless track record and leave her to her own devices this time around.

Let her roam around Portugal, meet with some underground musicians, raid her daughters’ music collections, see what’s out there that people haven’t heard yet. Could it all wind up being an unlistenable racket? Very possibly.

But as someone who’s been listening to Madonna as long as I’ve been aware of recorded music, I can say with confidence I’d much rather hear something she was proud of and could stand by, than a radio-friendly three minutes and thirty-three seconds song that came out of a meeting of 25 songwriters who would rather be working with Meghan Trainor or Shawn Mendes.

And who knows? When those Spotify users get a whiff of authenticity and actual enjoyment from the result, Madonna could shock us all once again… and end the 2010s with an actual hit.

The idea of Madonna trying to put some of her new-found Portuguese wisdom over the top of a beat that has already been turned down by Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello is not a scenario that brings me a great deal of comfort.