Madonna Macron

Madonna accepted to perform for Macron to celebrate his victory

Emmanuel Macron wanted Madonna to celebrate his victory, and she accepted to perform for him in front of Louvre pyramid on May 7th, 2017.

But at the end, the project had gone up in smoke.

This is what comes to light on the BFMTV documentary “Macron à l’Elysée, le casse du siècle” aired last night in France.

Laurence Haïm revealed that she managed to get the endorsement of Madonna to perform at Louvre. But, apparently the project had gone up in smoke, because Madonna requested a too high payment and  and Macron’s team was victim of a hacker.

Laurence Haïm is a former journalist who joined the team of Emmanuel Macron in the last months of his Presidential campaign.

Since his arrival at the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron has received Bono and Rihanna, but he wanted Madonna to celebrate his victory on May 7, 2017.

Laurence Haïm told that she called Madonna’s manager saying that she was working for Macron. “Oh yes, and I’m working with God,” Madonna’s manager replied.

But, then Laurence Haïm called back and told Madonna’s manager that it was true. “I talked with Madonna’s manager and ask him if Madonna could come. Fifteen minutes later, he called me back, saying thatMadonna wanted to come.”

But because of the hackers, order of priorities changed. Also, on the financial side, the payment requested by Madonna for her concert was considered too high.