Madonna Batuque genre from Cabo Verde

Madonna experimenting with Batuque genre from Cape Verde

Madonna is experimenting with Batuque music genre from Cape Verde on her upcoming album.

Madonna is in a recording studio in Lisbon with a female band from Cape Verde to combine some Batuque in her upcoming album. Batuque in Cape Verde‘s Creole is called Batuku.


I’ll be the Bride married to amazement


In ancient times, the Batuque had a precise social meaning. It was performed in holy days, in certain ceremonial occasions, in feasts, before and during weddings. The dance movement of the Batuque has a sexual meaning and the goal was to promote the fertility of the bride.

The Batuque is probably the oldest musical genre in Cape Verde. The lead singer calls out, singing a verse, and the other singers respond repeating that verse in unison. Batuque devised when the Portuguese took drums away from the slaves.

The lead singer sings a verse that is immediately repeated in unison by the remaining singers. The rhythmic heart comes from seated women beating on bags of clothes on their laps.

The Batuque is also a traditional woman’s dance which follows a precise ritual. A group of female performers gather themselves in a circle, while one of the women goes to the centre to perform the dance. During Colonialism, King Manuel I of Portugal proibited the Batuque dance, which was a form of resistance to cultural imperialism throughtout Portuguese rule. Batuque was condamned cause it was considered rehearsal for rebellion.

Below you can see Madonna rehearsing with Batuque singers – Batukaderas – in a recording studio in Lisbon.