Madonna Vogue Italia August 2018

Portuguese artists talk about Madonna’s new album

Dino D’Santiago, Kimi Djabaté, João Ventura, Ricardo Toscano, João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Celeste Rodrigues, Diogo Varela Silva, Gaspar Valera, Ive, the Bela Quarteto, Branko, Lura or Ritchie Campbell are some of the many artists that Madonna met in Lisbon.

Some of them ended up playing on her upcoming album – like Kimi Djabaté, Dino D’Santiago and Gaspar Valera – while others have been just a great inspiration.

Madonna likes Brazilian pianist João Ventura so much that she wanted him to perform with her at the MET Gala this year. João Ventura also recorded a composition for Madonna’s new album.

“I think Madonna wants to connect with African rhythms, Portuguese tradition, and with Portuguese, African and Brazilian musicians too”, said João Ventura to Diario de Noticias.