Madonna and Nakhane

Madonna and Nakhane: The Perfect Match!

We have no doubt. We are absolutely in love with Nakhane and we believe that it is pretty hard to find a better match than Madonna with Nakhane. Madonna and Nakhane, the perfect match!

Madonna has been following Nakhane on Instagram for a few months now. The two have met these days in New York City, where he is performing at the Afropunk Festival.

But who is Nakhane? He is still unknown to the general public, but he is definitely one of the best new artists. His new album, You Will Not Die, is amazing. It is a mix of soul, rock and electronic music, with echoes of his African roots.

Nakhane has also a great story of suffering to tell. Imagine realising to be gay in a strict Christian family in South Africa. And being black in a country that is still very racist.

Some of his best songs are Presbyteria, Interloper, The Dead, Violent Measures and Clairvoyant.

After realising to be gay, Nakhane decided to say goodbye to any religion, which made him feel oppressed and guilty. But it has not been an easy choice. At first, he felt lost, empty and scared. His new album talks about this. For instance, you can feel it in Interpoler, which is a sort of modern Like a Prayer.

Nakhane - Interloper (Official Video)

Nakhane is very talented, different and brave. You can see it also on his videos. The video of Clairvoyant show him with another boy, without any censorship. A manifest of love and courage. Another reason why he is a perfect match with Madonna.

Nakhane - Clairvoyant (Official Video)