Madonna new album

Madonna introducing a new sound to pop music with her upcoming album

Madonna will introduce a new sound to pop music with her upcoming album.

Madonna will change and merge pop music with Portuguese and African rhythms, especially from Cape Verde. Dino D’Santiago – who collaborated on Madonna’s new record – is absolutely sure.

In an interview to Portuguese Journal I, Dino D’Santiago talks about his new album – defining it a legacy for the future of music – and Madonna’s upcoming album.

Dino is sure that Madonna‘s new record will also be a legacy and will merge Portuguese and African rhythms with pop music, and reinvent them.

He said that also Madonna understood that the trend is now changing: instead of using typical Drake’s beats, it is time to “use Portuguese rhythms” and “it is possible to use modern sounds and get them into a semba or marrambenta. The same with fado.”

My New York producer Rusty Santos realized the same thing: “You have to export this before Drake takes it.”


Dino D'Santiago - Nova Lisboa
Branko & Mayra Andrade - Reserva Pra Dois (Official Music Video)


Today, Madonna posted on Instagram about her new album and confirmed that “inspiration for my new record all started here in Lisbon at Tejo bar.” And used fado, morna, and funana as hashtags.