Madonna filming in Lisbon

What we heard about Madonna’s yesterday filming in Lisbon

There are a few details about Madonna‘s yesterday filming in Lisbon that we would like to share with her fans.

We decided to wait till today before revealing the exact location and we will report only some juicy details that won’t destroy the surprise.

Madonna chose a magic location with the best view of the whole city of Lisbon: the Panorâmico de Monsanto.

Abandoned since 2001, it reopened as a viewpoint at the end of 2017, after years of neglect. It was a luxury panoramic restaurant in the late 1960s ,designed by Chaves da Costa.

Despite the decay, you can still observe the beauty and the grandeur of its glorious past. Even though the graffiti cover the walls top to bottom, the building still has the flair that reflects the faded sixties era. Nowadays it reflects a desolated state of emptiness. Wandering its large glass windows, winding halls and staircases feels like exploring a ghost town. The ground floor still features the surviving tile panels by Manuela Madureira.

Yesterday this magnificent building has been closed for the shooting of Madonna‘s new video, according to what our Portuguese reader Diogo Costa told us.

There were video cameras and lights everywhere, as well as many make-up campers outside. Besides many people from her team, our reader spotted a few African musicians (some of them holding guitars) and dancers.

Finally, there were candles in the stairway that you can see in the images.

Artwork by our long-time friend Rob Jacobs.