Madonna Billboard Music Awards

Madonna to perform with holograms at Billboard Music Awards

For her performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Madonna will use cutting edge technology in a bid to set the showbiz world on fire. Something ambitious even by Madonna‘s standard.

According to The Sun, Madonna is secretly planning a ground-breaking six-and-a-half minute performance with holographic images at this year’s Billboard Music Awards.

This will place Madonna in a computer-generated virtual reality world — which organisers say has never been tried in a show before — and will bring fans at the venue and at home into the middle of the performance.

Madonna will surround herself with cutting-edge technology to raise the bar on what a stage show can look like, in a bid to set the showbiz world on fire.

According to the British tabloid, Madonna has been working on an incredible combination of holographic images and green screen CGI for the stage show.

“It’s one of the most ambitious performances ever attempted on live TV,” and insider told The Sun. “And obviously a lot could go wrong.”

“It will require perfect timing and positioning to make sure that she interacts properly with the computer-generated visuals, otherwise it won’t work at all.

“She’s just got to Vegas and has rehearsals at the MGM Grand to make sure it’s sensational and makes the splash she’s hoping for.”

Here is what Madonna posted on late March on her Instagram.