Madonna Madame X Tour

Madonna’s Madame X Tour will be small venues

Everything will be completely different this time. We at can confirm that Madonna’s Madame X Tour will be intimate and exclusive. The tour will hit small venues.

This is not the only drastic change we heard. The show itself will be very different. Madonna will create a new format. Think about her Tears of a Clown shows.

In the end, everyone is still using the format that she created for her Blond Ambition Tour, and she has pushed to the limit. there is nothing that she hasn’t really done.

But it is not something coming out of the blue, because Madonna herself express this kind of desire, especially after her Tears of a Clown shows.

A few links are circulating right now for tickets for a few Madame X Tour shows, including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles theatres. As you can imagine, the prices and different packages are extremely expensive.

Note that we do NOT have any info regarding the dates, besides that the tour is supposed to start around September 2019. Anyway, according to what we have been told latest months regarding the small venues, what is now leaking sounds plausible.

Details unveiled next Monday…