Madonna Madame X

Madonna’s God Control is about Gun Violence

In early 2019 one of the first info we heard was that the track “God Control” from Madonna‘s Madame X is about gun violence.

We have been told that “God Control” is a very political song about gun violence and the urgency of gun control.

On the interview published on British Vogue, Madonna talks about gun control and the fake problem of immigrants crossing the border.

“The fixation that our country is so endangered by Central America; like, why aren’t we focused on gun control? That’s the real danger, that’s a way bigger problem than people crossing the border,” Madonna says. “I can’t believe he (Trump) is so focused on his damn wall in Mexico.”

Vogue adds that on “God Control” Madonna sings “We lost gun control, this is your wake-up call.”

We need to wake up

More than 2 years ago on Madonna posted on Instagram against gun violence in the USA, and in support of March for Our Lives. “We demand an end to gun violence,” she wrote.