Madonna Madame X

Madame X came to Madonna’s mind while talking to Jeremy Scott in the recording studio

Ellen K Morning Show on KOST 103.5 FM interviewed Madonna, who explained how the title Madame X came to her mind.

Madonna said that she “was in the recording studio in London, and I was talking to Jeremy Scott, the designer.”

Madonna was playing Jeremy Scott a few songs, which “have different feelings and different vibes, speaking in different languages.” And Jeremy was like “‘Who is this woman?’ And I was like ‘She is Madame X‘ and I just recounted the story of Martha Graham giving me that name when I was 19, because I was not conforming to the uniform or behaviour of the dancers in her school, even though I totally respected and admired her.”

“So, in a way, it came full circle, and I called the record Madame X,” Madonna added. “I’ve felt so much like that nineteen years old girl when I was living in Lisbon, not knowing anybody and, in a way, starting over.”

“I am excited to share my new album,” Madonna went on. “It is very important to me. You know, I can’t wait for the opportunity to sing these songs in a so intimate environment.”

In another radio interview, this time to Mario Lopez, Madonna explained why she decided to do an intimate theatre tour. She said that during her previous stadium and arena tours, along the way, here and there she performed in a few tiny theatres. “And they always ended being my favourite shows.”

“And then I said afterwards, ‘I want to do that, that was amazing, I want to do more.’ So, instead of longing for it, do it!”

Madonna also said that, in regards to the setlist, even though “I haven’t chosen every song just yet, but I’d say at least 70% will be new, especially because most of my new music was inspired by my experiences while I’ve been living in Lisbon and people playing music very close to people, very focused on music.”