Madonna Unveiled

“Madonna Unveiled” finally released… the deepest analysis ever made

We are happy to report that a unique book about Madonna has been released today. It is called Madonna Unveiled and it is available at

We had the privilege to read a preview of this impressive analysis of Madonna’s work, which requested over 10 years of thorough research.

Click here to download the first 3 chapter for free. We are sure that you will be enthralled as well.

Madonna Unveiled is only available in selected countries, but you have probably heard about VPN’s…

There is a very painful and frustrating element in being a Madonna fan. Despite all the achievements in her almost 40 years of career, despite her massive catalogue of mind-blowing songs, videos and live performances, her artistic talent and creativity are always negated and dismissed.

Most importantly, her message of unity and equality is considered fake and not genuine, as if it was created only to gain attention from the public opinion. Despite all our attempts to explain and prove the opposite, the prejudice against Madonna is so strong, that we are not even listened to and often ridiculed. This has and will always hurt.

Divided into 12 chapters, it is the deepest analysis ever done on the songs, the videos and the live performances of Madonna, the most complex and overlooked artist of our times.

If you know what we are talking about, then Madonna Unveiled was written also for you.

This book proves that Madonna is an artist more complex than what the society believes, and even her fans have ever imagined.

You will realise that Madonna´s real message is most of the times Veiled and Concealed.

For instance, have you ever noticed the presence of precise recurring elements in her songs, videos and live performances? You will find out that there is always a very specific reason.

The book will even explain you the meaning of the eyepatch and other elements of Madame X era.

We suggest you judge for yourself. Click here to read and download for free the first three chapters of Madonna Unveiled (available in English, Spanish, French and Italian).

There is a specific reason why Madonna uses so many times mirrors, boxes, cages, veils, masks, black/white opposite personas, and so on. The book will explain you why in depth, as well as each time she used that.

The following videos are just a glimpse. More at

The goal of the book is to explain every reference and the real meaning behind songs, videos and live performances. And not conspiracy theories.

You can buy the 4th chapter from now. The others will be released every 5 days, till the 2nd of June.