Madonna Eurovision rehearsals

Latest from Eurovision rehearsals in Tel Aviv

Above you can see a very exclusive image of Madonna rehearsing Like a Prayer for the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to Israeli press, Madonna rehearsed for several hours last night, after she landed in Israel.

Apparently her set will be something that reminds her epic MET Gala 2018 performance.

We know that her costumes are designed once again by legendary Jean Paul Gaultier, like for the MET Gala.

Moreover, Madonna herself confessed that the inspiration is Joan of Arc. It was the same for her MET Gala show. And we know that her new song Dark Ballet is inspired by Joan of Arc, and includes parts of Beautiful Games, the track that she premiered at MET Gala.

Latest details from Madonna herself indicate that she will indeed perform Dark Ballet, as well as Future (feat. Quavo).

Apparently, the setlist should be something like this:

  • Like a Prayer
  • Dark Ballet
  • Future

According to the Israeli press, one of these 3 track will be perform only partially.