Madonna Madame X Listening

Madonna Madame X Listening Party: First impressions

Today, there has been an official Madonna’s Madame X listening party in London.

The first details emerging are quite exciting and very positive.

Proper reviews are forbidden until June 4th, but some journalists posted some impressions. And all of them are exceptionally good.

Madonna’s Madame X album is a work of genius,” posted Simon Button. “I think it is brilliant. The work of an artist who is exploring her creativity and not chasing the chart.”

“It is a surprisingly intense experience,” wrote Matthew Todd. “It is incredible!”

“Just listed to the whole of Madame X,” said Lucy O’Brien. “Can safely say the best is yet to come. Some fantastic dark dramatic work with Mirwais. I actually think the best tracks have been held for the album release. She’s clever… saved the really personal stuff for the album release.”

According to Lucy – who wrote the book “Madonna Like an Icon” – the tracks we haven’t heard yet “reflect her Lisbon life much more.”

She also said that the other tracks have autotune, “but less obviously. The more relaxed she is, the less she needs it.”

To describe the songs that Madonna created with Mirwais, Lucy wrote “imagine where he (Mirwais) would be now. French house a big influence… and world pop.”

“There’s a beautiful, weird piano-led track, and a disco banger, which is hard to describe,” she added. “Strange world pop?”

Even though she cannot say too much about Killers Who Are Partying, Lucy thinks that “it is a manifesto song… Madonna laying herself in the line.” And she described it as “one disco track that takes us right back to that Detroit dance floor. The disco track was my favourite.”

The highlights? Dark Ballet and I Don’t Search I Find.

And what about her least favourite? Looking for Mercy.

Replying to some fans who asked how Madonna is singing on the tracks we haven’t heard yet, Lucy wrote: “She sings out on a few. She is comfortable. She’s in her own space.”

Furthermore, Lucy likes Madame X more than Rebel Heart and MDNA. “It feels more organic,” she added. “I think that stadiums aren’t quite right for this album.. theatres will be perfect.” Her review will be on the next issue of Mojo magazine.

“Just heard Madonna’s Madame X,” posted Dan Wooton. “I’m under embargo, but all I can say is extraordinary.”

The journalists haven’t listened to bonus tracks Ciao Bella, Funana and Back That Up.