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Apple Music Lab: Remix Madonna from June 16

We heard some exciting news about a new collaboration between Madonna and Apple called “Music Lab: Remix Madonna.”

We have been told that this new free Apple workshop will be officially unveiled next week.

Yesterday, fellow fansite News of Madonna broke the news about this collaboration between Madonna and Apple. We can confirm that it is true and it is called “Music Lab: Remix Madonna.”

We can also add that this session will be available from June 16, while participants can sign up for this session from June 14, the day Madame X will be released.

We heard that Madonna filmed an amazing intro where she talks about her creative process, Lisbon, Madame X and her relationship with music. Madonna invites participants to work on her new single Crave feat. Swae Lee.

We can also add that “the intro features an interview between Julie Adenuga from Beats 1 and Madonna, who shares the inspirations from her upcoming album, Madame X, and her experience with award-winning producer Mike Dean.”

In this first session, participants will explore the story and craft of Madonna and her new track, Crave.

Apple will teach participants to remix Crave using GarageBand on an iPhone or iPad.

Apple free workshops gets millions of participants, many of them are young people.