Madonna Madame X

Daily Star review: Madame X is the most experimental album of Madonna’s career

According to The Daily Star, Madame X is the most experimental album of Madonna‘s career.

The best tracks according to The Daily Star are:

  1. God Control 10/10
  2. I Don’t Search I Find 10/10
  3. Dark Ballet 9/10
  4. Batuka 9/10
  5. Faz Gustoso (feat. Anitta) 9/10

While the worst songs, according to the British tabloid, is Future and Crazy.

Below you can read the whole review.

It’s already been 14 years since last true classic, Dance Floor. So it’s about time Madonna triumphed on the dancefloor again and Madame X mostly achieves that mission. The most experimental album of her career, it’s also a travel documentary as series of bangers, influenced by her move to Portugal. Here’s my exclusive track-by-track of Madonna’s big adventure.

MEDELLIN (with Maluma)Medellin‘s psychedelic groove works great as an introduction to what’s to come. Strap in… 8/10

DARK BALLETMadonna‘s very own Bohemian Rhapsody. A mad, brilliant epic which veers from dubstep to classical. 9/10

GOD CONTROL – A total pop banger, it’s essentially a sequel to her classic hit Vogue. 10/10

FUTURE (with Quavo) – A weird choice to perform at Eurovision, Future is easily the worst song. The beat goes nowhere and Migos rapper Quavo just sounds bored. 4/10

BATUKA – Her most convincing hip-hop groove. At 61, she’s still learning new moves. 9/10

KILLERS WHO ARE PARTYING – The most controversial song, she states “I’ll be…” Africa, Islam, poor and Israel. It’ll need a few plays to work out what the song’s message really is… expect social media war. 7/10

CRAVE (with Swae Lee)Madonna and Swae flirt over a heartfelt acoustic backdrop. 8/10

CRAZY – Could be by anyone. A forgettable filler track. 5/10

COME ALIVE – A similar drum attack to Batuka, it’s Madonna in attack mode as she snarls: “Who are you talking to?” It turns into a dreamy waltz to stay alive. 8/10

FAZ GOSTOSO (featuring Anitta) – An epic trance tune which features some hypnotic chanting. 9/10

B*TCH I’M LOCA (featuring Maluma)Madonna and Maluma trade lines over a hypnotic groove. 8/10

I DON’T SEARCH I FIND – Along with God Control, the album’s other slice of perfect vintage Madonna disco. 10/10

I RISE – A stadium ballad, you can almost smell the smoke machines. 7/10


EXTREME OCCIDENT – Crashing pianos, Indian percussion and rare drama as Madonna sings about doubting herself. 8/10

LOOKING FOR MERCY – Another soaring ballad but it’s more basic than Crave and goes on too long. 6/10